cancellation Policy

Reservations cancelled 60 days or more prior to your arrival date are fully refundable less a $150.00 service fee. If you should cancel your reservation within less than 60 days of your expected arrival, your payment will be refunded to you, less a $150 service fee, if and only if, the property is re-booked for the same dates. Cancellations must be made to the property manager by phone.  Guests who choose to shorten their stay after checking in, are responsible for the full amount of the rent. 


refundable damage deposit

The refunding of the security deposit and the evaluation of damages and/or extraordinary cleaning requirements shall be at the sole discretion of BVL and our property manager(s.)  Upon checking in, guests should notify the property manager of anything that looks like it could be considered damaged property.  Should anything become damaged or malfunction over the course of your stay, please notify the property manager with a phone call or text immediately.  In addition to your acceptance to fully and promptly reimburse BVL for costs that may exceed the damage deposit, you also accept responsibility for any lost revenues to BVL deriving from said damages caused by any members of your party.  Damage deposits must be paid by check, electronic or physical and will be returned in the same way in which they were paid.


events & day guests

Blanco Valley Lodge is not equipped to host large scale events including weddings and receptions.  We do allow day guests up to a certain capacity which may differ with guests rental agreements.  Please discuss your specific travel plans and needs with us!